What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring or counselling?

Coaching is facilitating your thinking, growth and development. ‘Why’ questions are not part of the coaching conversation as they often are in counselling. Coaching is focused on the future rather than the past. Mentoring is providing advice, wisdom and guidance on potential opportunities and roadblocks and occasionally the need for mentoring arises in coaching. CRC coaches will not provide mentoring without client permission.

How many sessions will I need?

CRC offers most clients an initial set of 12 sessions working with 3 goals over a 3 to 6 month period. We also offer shorter and longer coaching programs depending on the client’s requirements (especially once an initial 12-session program has been completed).

Sessions are normally 1 hour in duration. Where the coaching is not meeting expectations for either party, the arrangement can be terminated at any time in writing.

Can I use a coach just for a short-term, special project?

Absolutely. Some clients hire us to help them achieve specific goals and projects and often continue with the coaching arrangement for a number of projects thereafter as a result of their success.

What areas can I be coached on?

It really depends on your goals. Some example areas include:

  • career
  • business development
  • personal habits (e.g. quitting smoking)
  • managing staff
  • being a better leader
  • managing stress
  • work/life balance
  • finances
  • health (body and mind)
  • building confidence
  • getting through a redundancy
  • improving relationships (business and personal)
  • personal productivity

Do I work on personal goals or business/professional goals?

We have found that most clients work on 2 business goals and 1 personal goal (if they have 3 goals), however, the mix of goals remains entirely up to the client.

How do I choose a coach?

Call us to discuss your needs and we will suggest a coach we think would be a good fit. Our coaches are more than happy to chat informally on the phone as well. It is important you feel your coach is right for you.


What about confidentiality?

CRC takes confidentiality very seriously. We will not discuss any client details with anyone and the records we keep during coaching are shredded at the conclusion of the executive coaching engagement (except the completion report). On occasion the coach will undergo supervision for their own professional development and in this case they may share first names of coachees only with the supervisor. Supervisors are also bound by client confidentiality standards.

What if my work is paying for the coaching?

We believe the best results are achieved when the coachee feels free to talk openly about any issue. For this reason, any reports to the supervisor or manager are provided by the coachee (with input and assistance from the coach as required). The boundaries and conditions will be negotiated up front and confidentiality continues to apply. Anything the coachee discusses with the coach is confidential.

Can coaching be completed over the phone?

Yes. Telephone coaching can be very effective for some clients because there are no visual distractions. Phone consultations can also provide more flexibility and eliminate travel time. In our experience, many people prefer to have the initial session/s in person and then move to phone sessions once a relationship has been built.

Can coaching be completed online?

Not at this time although we do provide regular email support.

Finance and admin:

How much does it cost?

Contact Cass Russell Consulting for an idea of pricing and available packages.

The first session for any client is free and lasts about 30 minutes. This provides a risk free way to give coaching a try.

Do you do pro bono coaching?

Yes, CRC provides a number of free sessions for registered charities – please ask whether you fit this category.

What if I have a staff member who is not performing? Can I get results from coaching?

We find it is most effective to coach and mentor the supervisor of the person with the ‘performance’ issue to help them manage the person. Our management mentoring is based on years of executive management experience.

Is coaching tax deductible?

It depends on the type of coaching you require.  For many clients business coaching is tax deductible. You would need to seek advice from your accountant.

Are your coaches accredited?

CRC employs Results Accredited coaches.