Productivity Coaching

Julie Mason: Business Owner (Productivity Coaching, 2015)


“During my time working with Cass, I have achieved more than I thought I could in many aspects of my life. The guidance, tools, activities, positive encouragement and accountability from Cass have been beneficial to my transformation. These coaching sessions have catapulted me into the next phase with all the tools and confidence to fully back myself with no apologies.”
Alyce: Student, South Australia (November 2015)


“Cass always helped me solve a problem by making me think about what was driving the other person’s behavior and the approach I needed to take. This has given me the confidence that I will be able to solve similar issues in the future.”
Manager: Rio Tinto  (September 2016)


“I found Cass to be friendly, open, professional and knowledgeable which transferred to the delivery of a tailored coaching journey. Cass provided guidance and structure for me to work through several growth and challenging scenarios resulting in tangible improvements to my professional and personal effectiveness.”
Amanda, Rio Tinto (September 2016)


“Cass is awesome! She brings real world wisdom to wake up your ideas.  From session one Cass had me seeing and clearing less helpful habits. Even better, her guidance let me see new patterns – then helped achieve them. This was no cruise – it’s a true case of you get more out when you put more in.  Confidence in new, very useful skills has been the reward. Keep on making the difference.  Thank You Cass.”
Simon B: Team Leader, University (May 2016)


“I would not have stayed sane through the 8 months leading up to our whole team being made redundant if it hadn’t been for Cass and her coaching/support sessions.  She allowed me to vent my frustrations and then taught me how to make the negatives into positive opportunities.  More companies need her coaching and support sessions. Would highly recommend.”
Karen Barsby: AP Analyst, Downer Mining (November 2015)


“My coaching sessions with Cass were of great benefit to me. Not only did I enjoy them, I also learnt some great tools and strategies to improve my skills as a manager. The sessions did not follow a ‘set format’, they were tailored and personalised and as a result we covered a range of topics that were 100% applicable to my needs. This was my first professional coaching experience and although I was initially apprehensive and unsure of what the experience would be like, I very quickly became comfortable with Cass and am pleased with the outcomes. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”
Abigail G: Manager, Student Services, QUT (August 2015)


“I would completely endorse the Cass Russell philosophy of ‘we don’t tell, we empower’.

Cass had great insight into how to get the most from me. She is flexible in her coaching methods to adapt to individual styles of learning, engagement and desired outcomes.

I definitely had a few ‘ah ha’ moments during my coaching and overall felt it provided me with a sense of understanding in my leadership and empowerment in my abilities. Through my coaching with Cass, I have improved my leadership confidence considerably.

Cass also provided me coaching strategies around other personal goals to define and gain clarity on their implementation.”

Nicole: Higher Education Manager (March 2015)


“Cass is a breath of fresh air. I had the great pleasure of working with her as the change manager for our e-requisition project (delivered on time and on budget).I was grateful for Cass’ knowledge of effective communication strategies and her ability to draft regular and effective communications for me to send to the business throughout the project. Cass facilitated workshops with key stakeholders and travelled the country training our mine staff in the new system.

Cass demonstrates deep knowledge of change management and, in particular, resistance management, training and coaching. She is highly skilled and enthusiastic and tells the truth tactfully, even when it is not always easy to hear. I appreciated Cass setting me up for success with her behind the scenes work.

I highly recommend Cass for any change management or coaching roles; the consummate professional.”

Allan Johnston: Group Procurement Manager, Downer Mining  (change management)


“Having just completed intensive productivity coaching with Cass Russell, I feel empowered and ready for whatever this year brings. Cass has taken the theory of organisational practice and helped me to implement a framework and approach to managing my work that has set me up for success.  The combination of tailored practical strategies and professional coaching was invaluable – it helped me to understand and beat my tendency to procrastinate.  If you want to be in control of your workload and improve your productivity, I highly recommend this program.”

Kim Douglas: Faculty Manager (2015 productivity coaching)


“This was a fantastic workshop that really helped me to acknowledge what has been great, what was challenging and how I have grown over the year. Thank you.

Louise D’Allura: Revamp Professional Organisers (2014 year end review workshop)


“Thanks so much for the workshop today. You are a brilliant facilitator. I loved the way you kept us engaged with a good fast pace. Your questions were practical and insightful. I feel very ‘complete’ on 2014 and ready for 2015.”

Paula Loveday: Peace and Prosperity (year end review workshop)


“It was fun and heartfelt. Cass was very encouraging of people to share. Your sensitivity to introverts was much appreciated.”

Creative Industries Faculty: QUT (participants at 2014 year end review workshop)


“I’ve been procrastinating about my renovations for years and had a loan approved 12 months ago to do them. In the 12 weeks of coaching, I had plans done for my kitchen, booked my cabinets and put together a plan for finalising the renovations in my kitchen and living room.

The best thing about the coaching was that it made me accountable. I’m a fairly driven person but I’m strangely equally good at procrastinating.

Some of the tools I got out of the sessions will be things I hope I will always have to draw on when I need them.  In prescribing the exercises and tools, Cass would ask lots of questions, so I felt like I was part of the process of deciding which activities would be best for me.

Cass is a natural coach. It’s obvious that she really enjoys helping people and seeing them prosper.”

Lundell: Digital Marketing Team Leader


“Your personal and active participation and enthusiasm makes you a fabulous coach!”

Leanne: Senior Manager


“When I started my Executive Coaching program with Cass I was unsure how I was ever going to achieve my goals – they seemed so big and unachievable!  However, with Cass’ exceptional coaching skills I have been able to see things from different perspectives, gained numerous insights and determined tangible strategies for tackling my goals.  Eight months on my confidence has grown enormously and I am well on my way to achieving what I thought was the impossible!  Cass’ coaching has been invaluable to me and my career and I know I will continue apply the skills and concepts I have learnt for many years to come.”

Bernice: HR Manager


“My coaching sessions with Cass had a lasting impact on my work and personal life. The insightful sessions provided me with focus to achieve not only career, but personal goals. The journey we undertook together continues to provide the foundation for the way I approach all aspects of my life. Thanks Cass for helping me get on the right track!”

Christen: Campus Administration Manager


“I think Cass is an excellent coach and has given me great insight into many career related aspects for me. I highly regard her style and approach and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking help or to gain insight into their career.”

Andrew: Team Leader, WorkCover Brisbane


“Cass was an outstanding coach. I felt so comfortable and focused on the phone and she intuitively read my energy levels so each session was perfectly tailored to my needs. Results from our 12 sessions gave me life-long insights and habits that make me smile on a regular basis.”

Kirsty: Coach, Blogger and Recruitment Specialist, Sydney


“Cass Russell has been instrumental in completely turning our business around. Her ability to foster positive and progressive thinking has enabled me to set goals and objectives that I would otherwise have never thought capable of tackling. She has also armed me with the confidence and know how to better manage my team and make the tough business decisions required to achieve our goals. I am more confident, have clearer thinking and more positive approach to work / life balance.”

Amanda: Small business owner


“I found having Cass as a coach to be very helpful and positive and I enjoyed the good rapport we had. Cass was cheerful, had a good sense of humour, was down to earth, easy to talk to and a good listener. I would recommend other Entamio students take advantage of any coaching services offered.”
Shelly: Business Management student (March 2016)