Cass Russell Consulting provides outstanding executive coaching, management coaching and leadership consulting services Australia wide.


Cass Russell Consulting programs:

  • Generate positivity

  • Boost productivity

  • Ensure accountability

  • Encourage enthusiasm

  • Promote innovative thinking

  • Engender effective leadership

  • Embrace positive change

Cass Russell Consulting offers flexible executive coaching systems by design – either face to face, via telephone/skype (for individuals) or group based through facilitated workshops. Programs aim to improve the effectiveness of clients’ personal and professional lives.


Brand Promise

It is my promise to clients that I will deliver services and programs of the highest value that are designed specifically to meet your organisational objectives and leadership goals.

I honour my word and value the importance of productive outcomes that provide clients with a measurable return on investment.

To find out more about Cass Russell Consulting, meet Cass or review my accreditations and training programs.


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